About Me.

I spend most of my time reading, thinking and writing about the things I like–philosophy, private sovereignty, and the science of building things.

Engineering was my first love. I have had an immensely enjoyable time at university, having designed, built and tested cantilevers, analogue radios, robot buggies, smart antennas, amplifier circuits and other fascinating things. I owe much of what I know as an engineer to David Edwards who had tutored me for four years at Oxford (and supervised my MEng thesis on smart antennas). Professor Edwards passed away in February 2022.

Currently I am rebuilding the electronics of an aging Epiphone Les Paul, one bought from the famed Tin Pan Alley in London in 1999.

Things I like to think about–mimesis (how we derive our desires from others), reflexivity (how our behavior changes the system we are part of), obliquity (how we can only reach our goals indirectly).

I write short blog posts, and essays, sometimes.