About Me.

I spend most of my time reading, thinking and writing about the things I like: human cognition, individual sovereignty, and the science of building things.

Engineering was my first love. I have had an immensely enjoyable time at university, having designed, built and tested cantilevers, analogue radios, robot buggies, smart antennas, amplifier circuits and other cool stuff. I owe much of what I know as an engineer to David Edwards who had tutored me for four years at Oxford where I was an undergraduate.

Currently I am rebuilding the electronics of an aging Epiphone Les Paul, one bought from the famed Tin Pan Alley in London in 1999.

I write short blog posts, and essays, sometimes. At the moment, I am researching about sovereignty; in particular, the theoretical limit of the size of the collective under which individual freedom is maximized (the sovereign collective hypothesis).