The Common and the Contrarian

Common: One must work a job and earn a living.

Contrarian: One doesn’t have to have a job and still live comfortably.

Common: To be healthy, one has to eat bland food.

Contrarian: There is food which is both delicious and nutritious.

Common: One must serve the society, and if necessary, sacrifice his own happiness for the others.

Contrarian: One is not responsible for the happiness of the others, only for himself.

Common: One’s life is determined by the circumstances that he cannot control.

Contrarian: One’s life is determined by the choices he make, not by his circumstances.

Common: We live in a society with collective ideals, working to help each other to build our lives together.

Contrarian: There is no such thing as “society”, only individuals who think about themselves and their families.

Common: We must keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings and news in the world.

Contrarian: Because one has limited time and attention, it’s better to work to improve himself than to be bothered about things he cannot control.

Common: Have specific goals, like making a million bucks or becoming the CEO of a company.

Contrarian: Design the life I want to live, and then choose a goal which makes my chosen life possible.

Common: Be rich and famous.

Contrarian: Lathe biosas – live hidden.

Common: It’s important to be right, and to be seen as right.

Contrarian: When one knows the truth, he doesn’t care if he is seen to be right.

Common: Getting old and frail is the inevitable fate of the man.

Contrarian: I can be fit and strong for my age, at any age.

Common: One gains experience and insight over time.

Contrarian: Wisdom doesn’t come with age.

Common: Having money will solve most of one’s problems, and make him happy.

Contrarian: What’s the point of having money when one can’t hold a single intellectual thought in his mind?

Common: Get a degree on something practical so that it’s easy to get a job later.

Contrarian: Learn for the sake of learning. Knowledge doesn’t have to have utility to be “useful”.

Common: People are cheaters, and one must always protect himself from others who will always want to cheat him.

Contrarian: Look for the good in people, because it makes me happy.

Common: One must always listen to authorities and experts because they know more than him.

Contrarian: I am open to new ideas, but ultimately I am the arbiter of what’s good and bad for me.

Common: The government is responsible for my happiness, security and well-being.

Contrarian: I am responsible for my own happiness, security and well-being.

Common: I will be happy one day when I have the money and time so that I can just relax and do nothing.

Contrarian: I am happy today because I am creating the best work at the fullest extent of my abilities right here, right now.